Character art by SMNIUS.

The Perfect Boyfriend series is a collection of books that surrounds characters dealing with expectations from their relationship choices, the perceptions from their close friends and the stigma and misconceptions from the wider community. Each book will focus on a central character and tell the story around them. The books can be read on their own but they will follow from each other, and events that happen in one book may cross over or been seen from another point of view in another book. It is recommended to start from book one.

There are currently four planned books in the series:

How To Build The Perfect Boyfriend (Finn Davenport)
How To Design The Perfect Boyfriend (Elissiebeth De Forrest)
How To Lose The Perfect Boyfriend (Harrison Carter)
How To Teach The Perfect Boyfriend (Avery Forrester)

The book will be set in a modern setting and is aim to be self-publish, marketed towards Young Adult. The premise of the book is to show life beyond coming of age or coming out and to encourage acceptance, tolerance and love. The first book is penned to be released sometime in 2019.