There Ain’t No Warning Signs

31 March, 2019

… for girls that’re heartless.

‘Heartless’ is a track about a young man having his heart broken by a girl after being stuck in his own idea of what their relationship was and having to wake up and see the reality. It’s performed by Major Myjah.

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Due to its lyrical content, it formed part of Finn’s playlist from the early versions of How To Build The Perfect Boyfriend. I envisaged a scene shortly after Finn breaks up with his first girlfriend sitting in his bedroom, back to his door, sobbing while Lissie is sitting on the other side, talking to him and trying to support him.

Visually, I saw it as if looking at both rooms side on. Finn on the right in his room, the colors being cold and dark to show his feelings of depression and abandonment. On the left, however, Lissie would be in full vibrant warm colors, showing her love and support from Finn from her side. A watercolor effect enhances the emotions of the two characters and the image.

I really liked the over all concept, playing the scene over and over in my head. The scene will feature in the book and I hope that when you read it, you will think of this song and play it as you read it.

In the future, I hope to collate all songs into a playlist. Keep a look out on the blog for more information.

I would still like to get this drawn someday and hopefully I will. If you want to help me out, why not contribute via my Ko-Fi? All donations I receive goes directly back to supporting artists and bringing these pieces to life.



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