Sweet, Sweet Kissin’

23 September, 2019

There’s nothing sweeter than one of those early make-out sessions when you are on the journey of love, falling deeper and deeper without realising it.

Artwork by kio-kio. Characters belong to Ryn Connar.

And for these boys, they can’t get enough of each other. Finn has nothing but admiration for Harrison for his ability to run the garage on his own and still make it look so easy to adult, while the older mechanic is infatuated in his geeky intern and wants nothing more than to see the student succeed through his support.

I think Kio has done an amazing job with the boys, drawing something rather cute but passionate at the same time, capturing the two of them in a quiet moment. I really appreciate the time they have taken to draw mt boys these months, Thank you so much!



England, UK

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