Summer Time Fashion

28 August, 2019

Summer is here and there is nothing better than hitting the beach. Wither that be somewhere local or going on holiday, it’s time to catch some rays and enjoy the sun. And that’s no different for Finn, Harrison and the others to get in some group time! As they slip into their swimwear, there are reasons for the choices of garments they chose to show themselves in.

Artwork by Batwynn. Characters belong to Ryn Connar.

I had been wanting to get a commission like this for a while where all the main cast feature in the one image. It took a while to figure out as I had a much bigger idea for this but as some ideas do, they don’t work on paper like they do in theory.

I approached Batwynn whom I had worked on a few pieces before-hand and talked it out. I knew I had to get this piece done and Batwynn was just the person to work with. I was so excited to bring this to life!

The first thing I did was go through and think about each character and their swimwear choices. I wanted them to wear something that suited their personality and fashion choices. So, going from left to right, here are the fashion choices for the characters and why they picked them.

Finn S51 Print Swimshorts Tahiti by 2eros.
Finn loves his snapbacks with bright colors and designs. When it comes to other articles of clothing, he is drawn to the same aesthetics. Even though they may have been a little pricey for a student, Matthieu and Lissie convinced him that these were the right type of swim shorts for him (and Lissie was sure Harrison and Avery would appreciate them). With a little saving, Finn sacrificed a new snapback to purchase the shorts. Even though he is a swimmer, he prefers shorts when in a public setting and only wears speedos for sport.

LissieRed Bonded Button Detail Bikini Set by TopShop.
Lissie is all about fashion and looks. Price isn’t the barrier for her. As long as it looks good on her, she’ll wear it. She doesn’t like showing off too much skin as she feels it’s a bit tacky and prefers to have an equal balance when it comes to swimwear; some things are better kept for intimate moments. She likes clothing that is comfortable yet attractive at the same time.

HarrisonADS109 Sport Details Binding Brief by Addicted.
For a guy who likes to work out and look good, Harrison is pretty confident about showing off his body, so a swimming speedo or brief suits him well. He does tend to lean to underwear/swimwear brands normally advertised in gay lifestyle magazines since he sees them on others and thinks he’d look pretty good in them too. Anything that shows off all the work he puts in at the gym.

MatthieuS11 Sydney Swim Shorts Dark Navy by 2eros.
As a guy who is into both sports and fashion, this influences Matthieu’s choice when it comes to clothing. The short-fit of this swimwear shows of his sporting body with the cut up the side to show more of his legs off. Looks good and feel practical to him. He normally likes things which are bright and wild and so isn’t scared to go to be a bit bold and different in his choices. He got these as a birthday gift from Lissie who also said they’d be good to show off his legs at the beach. Ironic since his birthday is in the December cold months.

Avery – Swim ’16 Tide Board Shorts by TEAMM8.
Being the oldest in the group, Avery is also more self-conscious when it comes to the beach. He’s not as confident so he does prefer to wear something which will cover most of his legs, hence opting for board shorts. These ones he got on sale on an online store to try and still look trendy but not waste too much money on an item of clothing he won’t wear much as he doesn’t visit the beach often. He prefers to wear clothing that makes him look good, not too costly and cover most of his lower body.

Batwynn went on to do a superb job with the references I gave them for the characters, putting them in each item of clothing as requested and going with the suggested poses to help shape each other their personalities. It’s a really bright and fun picture and I’m overly pleased with how it turned out!



England, UK

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