On Your Own Two Feet

8 May, 2019

Sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. At these times, you have a couple of choices. And one of them is to stand your ground. And if needed, Finn will do just that.

Even though Finn may not come across as a fighter, he will stand up to protect his friends. He has been one fight at high-school when a jock had a go at him after his breakup with his then-girlfriend and the revelation of him being bisexual. He has also stood his ground when he has been out with Matthieu since the older boy can sometimes attract unwanted attention from others looking for a fight.

Artwork by Vampesque. Character belongs to Ryn Connar.

Looking to show off a bit of a darker side of Finn as I explored taking the bubble wrap off him, I reached out to Vampesque to complete this look for him. They described themselves as a “hobbyist” who loves “drawings OCs and goth aesthetics” which seemed perfect for this type of look for my boy. And the final result was a battered, bruised and bloodied teenager showing he wasn’t going to back down in a fight.

If you want to see more of Vampesque’s art, you can visit their Twitter and Deviantart pages. You can also support them through Ko-Fi and Patreon.



England, UK

Hey there! My name is Ryn and I am a budding writer. Welcome to my website where you can find details of what I am working on and follow my progress. I have been writing short stories for a number of years privately but I am now working on releasing some full-length stories to the world. I can't wait to show you what I am working on!

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