Getting Wet

3 June, 2019

Character development never stops. Sometimes you find new ideas for your characters in the unlikeliest of places or times and they end up making sense and sticking.

One of those ideas was to consider what type of sport Finn would be into. I knew that football and basketball were out and it took me a while to figure out what to do with. It was then decided that due to my own personal love for water and going swimming that Finn would be a swimmer.

Artwork by Norangelll. Character belongs to Ryn Connar.

So I turned to Norangelll to help me bring this idea to life. Norangelll was awesome to take on board this work to make Finn into the little swimmer I wanted him to be. In high-school, he entered a few competitions and has a handful of medals for his achievements. Norangelll did an amazing job depicting Finn after a satisfying dip in the pool.

Finn started swimming at eleven, encouraged after his older brother had saw potential when Finn had swam out to get another kid’s toy that had floating far off to a deep end of a public pool. His brother had suggested that Finn take some further lessons to increase his stamina and increase his strokes. He joined a club at thirteen and made team at fifteen.

Finn has always felt at his most content when he is swimming and in water and has no fear of it. He has missed dinner on a couple of occasions when he has done nothing but race down the lanes in order to better himself in the school pool.

Sadly, after leaving high-school, he hasn’t pursued anything further for swimming but he will take time to go to a public pool on quiet hours to keep up his skills.

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