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Designing Matthieu: Part 1

17 July, 2019

My little world is growing!

Actually, I’ve had Matthieu in my mind for quite a while now. It’s only recently that I have finally settled on his design and finally got the ball rolling for him. I looked at some models and faces, got an idea and decided to send it off to SMNIUS who has helped with bringing the rest of the cast to life.

I had a fair idea of how I saw Matthieu through discussion sessions with friends and thinking about how he fits into the story. He is one of Finn’s closest friends, playing a supporting role in book one and one of the main cast in book two. He is a football jock who’s dream job lies far away from any sports pitch. He has a secret passion for fashion and design, a hobby that will bring him close to some and give him trouble with others.

But it wasn’t until I got the full sketches back from SMNIUS did I truly start to understand who Matthieu would become.

Artwork by  SMNIUS. Character belongs to Ryn Connar.

The sketch I received back from Matthieu spoke volumes to me, particularly the stripped down version. It told me of a boy who loves to party and have fun, about being comfortable in his own skin though he has some issues deep down that he doesn’t share openly with people. It tells me of a boy who has a passion for something that is hidden behind a layer of family expectation.

I got really excited and started to discuss further about Matthieu. There are, as usual, a lot of spoilers, things I want to keep quiet about him; telling you all his history and background up front will spoil plot elements and ruin surprises so I have to be very careful about what I reveal about him, just like all the characters.

What I can reveal is some basic stats about him. Obviously these are subject to change until written in the book.

At the time of writing, Matthieu is eighteen years old and the eldest out of Finn, Lissie, and Benjamin. His birthday is on 6 December. He lives with his father his is divorced. He has a younger sister that lives with their mother. He is a jock and plays for the school soccer team and is pretty well known and popular. He is, however, a little hot-headed and has been in a number of fights, some in particular over people picking in Finn. As already mentioned he has a passion for fashion and design but he keeps that to himself, keeping doodles and design safely out the read.

I cannot wait to write Matthieu as some of the ideas I have for him (all spoilers) will make him an awesome character to tell a story for and I hope will take you all on a journey as he finds himself.



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