Artwork by Katie Fleming

Cold Tuesday Mornings

19 February, 2019

Cold mornings are never a great thing to get up to for many of us. But arriving in the post all the way from Japan was this little art postcard drawn by the amazing Katie Fleming of one of my characters, Harrison Carter, getting ready for a shift in the garage on a cold winter morning.

Artwork by Katie Fleming. Character belongs to Ryn Connar.

Katie has done an amazing job at bringing Harrison to life and was awfully kind to take time out to draw this little amazing card for me.

It’s not the first time Katie has drawn characters from my projects for me. I first met Katie at the Artist Alley for Thought Bubble Festival in September 2017. I really liked the work that Katie drew and I got to talking to her and she was offering sketch commissions. I was a little shy back then as I hadn’t really inflicted my characters upon anyone in public before. But Katie was more than happy to take a commission from me.

So I sent her the details and went for dinner with my boyfriend. In no time, Katie sent me a DM on Twitter to inform me the piece was done. I was so excited and buzzing as I walked back to the event to be produced with this amazing sketch of Finn.

Artwork by Katie Fleming
Artwork by Katie Fleming. Character belongs to Ryn Connar.

You cannot imagine how impressed, surprised and thankful I was that Katie took time out to draw my little character for me. I still have the original framed in my media room, something I love to look at and remember some of the great people i’ve met and worked with while on this writing journey.

If you want to see more of Katie’s work, you can follow her on Twitter at katiecanartgood and Tumblr at katiesnicedrawings. She co-created the short comic series “100 Times” and “100 More Times” with E. Kerr which was launched at Thought Bubble Festivals.

Thanks again Katie. I really appreciate your time and for drawing my boys.



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