Affectionate Transport

23 June, 2019

When you want to have a day out, sometimes it’s easier to hop on the bus or a train instead of getting the car out. For Harrison and Finn, working with cars all days also means public transport can give them a break from looking at cars all day!

Artwork by Mink. Character belongs to Ryn Connar.

I was lucky to get to work with such an amazing artist on this little piece. Mink took both Harrison and Finn and my suggestions for clothing and brought them to life in this picture after providing a general sketch that they shared for auction. It’s a lovely pose to showcase Harrison and Finn as a couple. It has been my phone wallpaper ever since!

If you would like to view more of Mink’s work, you can find more of their work by visiting them at their ArtStation account.

Sweet, Sweet Kissin’

23 September, 2019

Summer Time Fashion

28 August, 2019

Getting Wet

3 June, 2019


England, UK

Hey there! My name is Ryn and I am a budding writer. Welcome to my website where you can find details of what I am working on and follow my progress. I have been writing short stories for a number of years privately but I am now working on releasing some full-length stories to the world. I can't wait to show you what I am working on!