Ryn is a budding author working on his first writing project. He lives in England with his long term boyfriend and two cats, Harry and Arlo. He spends most of the time procrastinating on his writing by playing video games, browsing various genres of music for playlists and burying under a pile of comics and books he had to find time to read. He loves fantasy and sci-fi themes and gets lost in creating worlds he can’t get back from.


There are numerous pieces of artwork on the site which have been commissioned by myself for the purpose of the project.

All characters are copyrighted to Ryn Connar. All artwork is copyrighted to their respected artists. Please see each individual image for artist credits. Reposting artwork without permission is strictly forbidden.

For the main layout header, the current banner features artwork by SMNIUS. I have worked with SMNIUS for a few years now and they have been really great and helpful with character designs for the cast of “The Perfect Boyfriend” series, bringing my ideas from writing to visual. You can find more information about their work and also support them by visiting their Patreon page.